’My practice as a painter has become a vehicle for enquiry. In recent years the curiosity of the essence of existence and the elements of nature have intrigued me, whereupon I have explored the purpose of life and the Omnipresent.’’

London based artist Aisha Caan’s work is a hybrid of her eastern heritage, conviction of the belief in God, and being inspired by western abstract expressionist artists. Aisha’s work is about the Creation of the Universe, and its Creator: Her subject matter has a religious connotation, which could be regarded as controversial, but most art creates some form of controversy, irrespective of its subject matter. She sees her work as being more spiritual than ‘religious’.

She says ‘’it’s important to create art that evokes some form of reaction, regardless of what that is, there just needs to be a reaction, because it’s this reaction that creates a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork,’’ and in Aisha’s case, with her paintings. Her inspirations are drawn from the sacred scriptures, on the universal themes of faith, science and art.

Her love for the Arabic language and Arabic calligraphy has influenced her to express the Presence of God in a form, where the hidden purpose becomes clear when the viewer develops a state of contemplation while trying to make sense of this beautiful, stylised and angular form of text.

Having read the Quran, the Bible, the Torah and various books on other major religions, it has become apparent to her that God is universal and people of all faiths believe in this concept. Religion has been an intrinsic part of art for centuries from before the Egyptian civilisation, through to Islamic Art, Mughal Art, Renaissance Art (when the Christian Church had a strong influence on the Master Artists), to present day. Aisha wants to re-create this intrigue, this Renaissance by expressing the notion of God in its true meaning.

Aisha has left no stone unturned in her exhaustive search for answers to questions that have haunted the world’s most brilliant minds. This journey has challenged Aisha to view creation through the eyes of science and religion, which she feels are intrinsically linked.

Discovering the many scientific theories, from the beginning of time and learning about how God first created the universe and then human life itself, has given Aisha a new perspective that fuels her spiritual creativity. The many enlightening verses in the sacred scriptures, especially those in the Quran have made the existence of life so much easier for Aisha to comprehend. Furthermore, the text expounds in great detail about the expansion of the universe, the galaxies and stars, how the night and day alternate each other in perfect harmony and of course how God created human life from a clot of blood and put His spirit into it.

Aisha, whose work reveals her deep spirituality and philosophical nature, has become very concerned about the “divisions” man creates for himself on this planet, and through her work, she tries to reconcile these divisions by uniting the disciplines of faith and science in the form of contemporary spiritual art.

It is this form of spirituality that has made Aisha appreciate the genesis of things and become more philanthropic in order to focus on the less fortunate and the needy.